In recent years, it has become common place for restaurants to provide free Internet access for their customers. When a customer sits down at one of your tables, the ability to connect to their online accounts (instagram, twitter, facebook, etc.) to provide pictures of the perfect food that they are about to consume is an absolute must. It makes the customer feel as though they are discovering something unique and new, while providing your business with a free word-of-mouth advertising campaign.

Time Limit

In addition to this, we can limit the time a customer can access the Internet, to maintain a purchase-to-access attribute to your network. Whether buying an appetizer gives them five minutes, an hour, or even unlimited access is completely up to you.

Separate Network for Office

TechGuru also has the ability to keep your back office separated to provide security for your restaurant, while ensuring that your customers are entertained while they await eagerly the delicious meal they have purchased from your establishment.


While your customers are accessing your network, should they happen to have an issue, a live technical support agent will be happy to assist them, and will stay with them until their connection issue has been resolved to their satisfaction. Our technicians know the ins and outs of network and user device software, which makes them the leading experts in solving all connection issues.