Remote Access & Monitoring

Our TG Hospitality Gateway provides our technical support with 24/7 remote access to all the equipment on your network. In the event of a network or equipment issue our staff will actively troubleshoot to resolve it . If the problem is not solvable remotely, then our systems will notify both your property. And our team of installers and on-site support specialists to schedule a site visit to resolve it.

Active Monitoring

Our technical support agents actively monitor your network’s status to ensure that if a piece of equipment malfunctions or goes offline, we can get it back up and running as quickly as possible. With our unique proactive monitoring and perspective on equipment management, we will know as soon as any issue arises within your TechGuru managed network, and will be working quickly to solve it.

We Fix It Quick

TechGuru network will run at greater than 99.99% up-time, and if any part of your system is down, our technical support agents will know of the issue before you are even aware of it, meaning that either you will never be aware that there was an issue, or that by the time you know there is an issue, we are already working hard to resolve it.