Reliable & Scalable Business Host Email Service in USA

Email is an important part of any business today. We have the best ever Hosted Email Solution for you that delivers the best in Google G-Suite. What’s more thereis no requirement of hardware or any management overhead.

G-Suite has many power tool to offer you and your staff. When put in use these tools can improve your businesses productivity to a large extent creating a better collaboration and communication platform for coworkers. However, a good set up is required else you may have to cough out a lot on wasted productivity and IT support.

Even if the E-mail server is managed by professionals, there are still overhead costs of electricity, hardware, server location and other monthly management. Hosting it on our cloud eliminates all the extra costs saving your business a lot of money.


G-Suite has on offer multiple capabilities to organize and streamline communication and various collaborations.

Your staff can collaborate and increase proficiency with G-Suite. The mails can be archived automatically while collaboration tools such as meeting schedulers and other such tools can work wonders. Your g-suite can be configured with the best security policies and practices in the industry.

Other features of G-Suite that make it so desirable by any firm is the public folder – this means one or more locations at all times to share files, emails, templates and lots more. You can share folders while your employee calendars can be viewed along side to make it easier to share events and meetings.


Access your emails, contacts or your calendar from any time anywhere is simple with us. G-Suite has you covered always.

TGWIFI makes sure that your server is set up with all the required tools and has all the security equipment required by your company. G-Suite makes it possible to check their mails from any device anytime – be it a mobile or any other device with webmail portal.

Simply sync your mail and carry your office with you. In case you lose your mobile, we make you the sensitive data is wiped out almost immediately.

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Protect your email. Protect your business.

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